Industrial Construction

The knowledge that is necessary for the diverse requirements of institutional projects is extensive. The many years of experience that A.P. Houser Construction has in these technically complex projects has given us the familiarity required for this category of work. A.P. Houser has gained a reputation of competence in integrating the industry specific technologies in the construction of any physical plant.

Every industry project comes with its own unique challenges and demands. From specialized expertise and equipment demands to space constraints and tight scheduling requirements. we provide and equip an experienced team to handle large or small yet complex industrial projects.

Since our founding in 1912, one of our strengths is the relationships we have developed with our many industrial clients. Typically we are partnering with an engineer or a multi faceted engineering department from project inception through final construction.

The building itself is usually the easy part. Industrial construction brings its own set of challenges; experience in understanding and accommodating the production or manufacturing process at hand is vital.

From the most modern automated distribution facilities, to the most demanding specialized interior environments, like refrigerated facilities or process plants, A.P. Housers's Construction experience is a capability you can build on.

Construction that integrates spcialized ventilation, acoustics, traffic management, unusual floor plans, building configurations or other unique environmental considerations is an A.P. Houser Construction specialty.

Arthur P. Houser has one objective. To Build Better. That's why we provide personalized service from the first day on the job to the last. Because we believe in total accountability, our commitment to excellence is dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship, on schedule, and at reasonable prices through value engineering.